All About Us


Our team is here to make you feel at home in Canada.

We are a diverse group of teachers, students and staff passionate about learning the English language. We know each other by name and celebrate all cultures of the world, creating a learning environment that is fun, safe and effective for everybody.

Meet Our Family

Lisa Dubrick - Program Coordinator

Lisa Dubrick 
Academic Manager WELC
519 661-2111 x87251

Yanti Setiawati - Administrative Assistant

Yanti Setiawati
Administrative Assistant
519 661-2111 x85252

Paula Schwartz - Student Success Coordinator

Paula Schwartz
Student Success Coordinator
519 661-2111 x86448 

Xiaoxuan Li - WELC Student

Xiaoxuan Li (Rachel)
WELC Alumni
Learn about my experience.

Ohud Banjar - WELC Student

Sohyb Qasem
WELC Alumni
Saudi Arabia
Learn about my experience.

Yosiki Takahashi - WELC Student

Yoshiki Takahashi
WELC Alumni
Learn about my experience.

Floranda Agroam
Recruitment & Admissions Coordinator, WELC

Bethany Taylor
Recruitment & Admissions Manager, WELC (On-Leave)

About Our Students

Our students are diverse, intelligent and eager to share their beliefs, traditions and cuisines with the WELC community. Their ideas, enthusiasm, creativity and academic performance consistently exceed our expectations and we are proud to have them as part of the family.

graphic showing 21 countries, 450 students/yr and 80% pass/completion